10 SEO Tips to Help Grow Your Law Firm in 2019 – Attorneys Must Read!

A new year means new aspirations. If you’re reading this, you’re no doubt looking for tips to increase the growth of your legal firm.

Know your audience.

Many tend to focus on what is best for search engines rather than their potential clients. You need to remember the content you produce will be read by a human looking to use your services.

Look at how people engage with law firms rather than make your primary focus your ranking.

A fast loading website.

One of the worst things for internet users is when a website is slow. Long load times are off-putting.

Did you know that according to eConsultancy 40% of people close a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load? Yes, 3 seconds!

That is why your site needs to function quickly and enable the user to find what they are looking for quickly.

In 2010 Google referenced site speed as a highly significant factor in your ranking.

A mobile-friendly website.

In this digital age, millions of people access the web through their phone. Nowadays
Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites. If your site doesn’t work well on mobiles, you are going to lose out on lots of potential customers.

Take full advantage of YouTube.

Lots of law firms have very informative videos on their channels. If you’ve yet to do this, start doing it.

If you’ve begun, then make sure you link to your website through your YouTube channel.

Also, ensure you provide relevant links in the description area of your

Regardless of what your video is about you want to provide specific links to your site.

Email campaigns.

An excellent method for traffic driving is through emails. One unique way to gain email subscribers is by offering them something sent to their email inbox.

For example, you could compile a short eBook on the steps needed to hire one of your lawyers for new business and the legal information necessary for a new company.

Other methods for email campaigns include showing clients their options and the
steps needed to achieve them.


Contact current and past clients for reviews. Once a case is closed email them a link to your review page.

The more good reviews you have, the more trusting future clients will be, especially in related legal matters.

Struggling to gain the top spot in the rankings?

If you’re drifting behind your competitors then why not use Aggregator sites such as Avvo and Justia, for a few hundred dollars you can get your page promoted which will increase your rank in the search results for specific locations.

Take advantage of Social Media.

If you have an SEO strategy then using hashtags on Instagram and Twitter can reach new clients.

Using real photos rather than stock images can make your company more encouraging to clients.

Finding keywords people search for.

Learning what words are being used in search engines is pivotal to your SEO strategy.

Keywords should be used throughout your website, so your search engine ranking improves.

There are free research tools to discover the keywords being used. Two such devices are Google Word Planner and Wordstream.

Keyword specific pages.

You’ve discovered the keywords people use; now you need to put them into action. Create pages and blog posts containing these keywords.

You can create pages for keywords that are both popular and those with fewer searches. That way you cater to different audiences.

Good luck in 2019. Make your legal firm the one people choose!

Source: Serpco Law Firm SEO

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